Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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Bearing, 4 Bolt 2-3/16inUsed on PECO Ultimate Conveyor AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange 1-3/8in AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange,1-15/16in AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange, 1-1/2inFor use on all Brush Shafts - Use with SONNYS Conveyor Car Wash Equipment SF1 & SF2 Single Side Unit, SF50 Side Unit, SF35 Van Unit, SF68 & SF77 Wrap-Around, Top Brush - Compatible with Hanna Equipment AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, New Style Secondary Round 1-1/2Used on Hanna Wrap Arounds where the Primary Arm Meets the Secondary Arm. AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange, 1.25in AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing 4 Bolt Flange 1-3/8in SealMasterSealMaster Bearing - SF22C - 4 Bolt Flange Unit - Shaft Diameter; 1- 3/8" with Set Screw Locking - (E) Measurement; 3-5/8" - Cast Iron Housing - Used on Sonny's Vacuum Turbine AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange, 1in4 Bolt Flange Unit - Shaft Diameter; 1in with Set Screw Locking - (E) Measurement; 2-3/4in - Lubrication Fitting Tap; 1/4-28 UNF- Cast Iron Housing AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
SM-MSF24C Bearing 4 Bolt Flange 1-1/2inSealMaster MSF24C Bearing 4 Bolt Flange Unit Medium Duty - Shaft Diameter; 1-1/2" with Set Screw Locking - (E) Measurement; 4-1/8" - Cast Iron Housing | 1BERNG848 AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Bearing, 4 Bolt Flange 2in SealMaster- Contact Seal - Double Set Screw Locking Device - Cast Iron - Solid Housing Base - 2in shaft size - Tapered-Roller - For use with Belanger Car Wash Equipment, XL2001, 2 x 2, Progammable Side Washer, Van Unit, Wrap Unit AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
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