Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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Hamilton Bill Changers

Since 1921, Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. has been an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and support of automated change machines, as well as point-of-sale transaction systems and parking access systems.

Change machines and transaction-related equipment from Hamilton are engineered and built to meet the demanding needs of the unattended car wash industry, as well as parking facilities, amusement, coin laundry, weigh stations, casinos and other customized applications.

Each application-specific Hamilton product offers durability and flexibility, with a laser-like focus on convenience and loyalty for both owners and customers. Designed and built to improve customer convenience and loyalty, Hamilton change machines offer contemporary technology, legendary Hamilton durability and superior security.

Invest in quality and security with Hamilton.

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HAM 1000119
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Flush Mount Card Reader Kit 1000119
HAM 100-0155
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Hamilton Upgrade Chip 3.55
HAM 100-0078
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Hamilton 100-0078 ACW 4&5 New Button Kit
HAM 46-4003
Hamilton 46-4003 XE Validator
HAM 63-5006
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Hamilton Lock Barrel with NutHamilton 63-5006 Lock Barrel with Nut
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/HAM DRS-MARS_t.* does not exist
Hamilton DRS with MarsINCLUDES: Mars - USA, Quarter - $1 Australian Hopper,
Quarter - $1 Australian Hopper, C-2000 Controller,
Weather Shield, Standard (Decal/Panel)