Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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LC HD-13600
HD Orbital Red Foam Finishing Pad 6"
LC HD-13700
HD Orbital Red Foam Finishing Pad 7"
LC HD-23700
HD Orbital Orange Foam Polishing Pad 7"
LC HD-93700
HD Orbital Blue Foam Cutting Pad 7"
BSP Compound Power Cleaner 1 Gal.Meguiars M84 BSP Compound Power Cleaner 1 Gallon
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Professional Rotary Backing Plate 3"Meguiars Professional Rotary Backing Plate 3" | For 3" “Easy Buff" Knitted Wool Pad and 4" Soft Buff Foam Pads | Fits all rotary polishers with 5/8" diameter shaft | Allows quick disc changes with micro hook / loop attachment system
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Wipe-On Vinyl Dressing 5 Gallon PRO
Premo Dressing 5 GallonPRO S-92 Premium, high gloss vinyl and rubber dressing. A rich, water base conditioner that softens and renews faded surfaces of vinyl, rubber and plastic. May be diluted 1:1 with water for less gloss. UV resistant. Cherry vanilla fragrance.
HD Dress Exterior Dressing 1 GallonHD DRESS is a versatile water-based protectant that is designed to shine, darken & protect exterior non-painted porous surfaces. HD DRESS uses a unique no-sling formula that works excellent on tires!
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Vacuum Hose 1-1/2in x 20ft Black/Black
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