Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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Prepare, Protect and Maintain with Innovative CarPro Professional Detailing Products

CarPro is a range of innovative automotive surface cleaners, polishes and coatings all designed to provide amazing results. These products represent the next generation of car care technology for professional detailers and do-it-yourself car enthusiasts. CarPro cleaners clean deeper, CarPro polishes polish smoother and CarPro coatings last longer than traditional brands. To obtain the very best results and highest quality of finish, detailers need the finest products available. Innovative products from CarPro lead the way in modern surface technology. CarPro produces premium products for paint, glass, plastic, fabric and leather automotive surfaces.

The chemists at CarPro understand that before any car wax, paint sealant or paint coating can reach its true shine and durability potential, the underlying paint needs to be clean and free of ferrous metal contaminants. This includes iron particles that bond to the paint from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. CarPro Iron X safely dissolves and removes paint contamination beyond what can be removed by washing and claying. Detailing clay removes solid, above surface contaminants but Iron X deep cleans below the surface to remove embedded iron contaminants. Iron X is available in a thick soap gel, paste and spray for a variety of applications that includes paint, wheels, glass and plastic. It's pH neutral and safe for all exterior automotive use. Once the exterior is thoroughly cleaned and all contaminants are removed, CarPro Cquartz provides extreme, long-lasting protection against the elements. Cquartz is a ceramic, hydrophobic coating that far outlasts traditional car wax and paint sealant. Not only does Cquartz last longer, it also creates a thicker, harder, glossier surface that's scratch-resistant, self-cleaning and lasts up to two years! Cquartz is available in versions for paint, glass, plastic, fabric and leather. Iron X and Cquartz are CarPro's flagship products that no one should be without.

In addition to Iron X and Cquartz, the entire CarPro line is loaded with premium-quality, innovative products that produce superior results. The staff at Autowash Online has researched, tested every CarPro product that we offer. Because of this, we can confirm that all CarPro products will perform as promised, meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Order online or call us with any questions about CarPro and put some innovation in your details.

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CarPro Iron-X Spray 1 Liter (34 oz)CarPro Iron-X Spray 1 Liter
CarPro Eraser 500ml (17oz)An excellent all around cleaner, Eraser was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for inspection and prior to the application of CQuartz or any other coating, wax, or sealant.
CarPro Eraser 1 LiterAn excellent all around cleaner, Eraser was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for inspection and prior to the application of CQuartz or any other coating, wax, or sealant.
CARPRO Reflect 250ml
CarPro Hydro2 100mlCarPro HydrO2 Touchless Sealant (100ml) Concentrate
CarPro Hydro2 500mlCarPro Hydro2 Touchless Sealant Concentrate (500ml)
CarPro Hydro2 Concentrate 1 Liter (34oz)CarPro HydrO2 Touchless Sealant 1 Liter Concentrate
FlyBy30 20ml Kit (w/ Ceriglass & Eraser)
Cquartz Fabric & Leather Coat 100ml
Cquartz DLUX KIT (30ml) Plastic & WheelCarPro CQuartz Dlux Plastic & Wheel Coat 100ml is the most advanced plastic restoration coating available today! Made from quality high-grade organic silane, contains more than 50% pure silica!
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