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DEMA Y-Type Line Strainers

DEMA Y-Type Line Strainers are crucial for preventing foreign matter in waterlines from clogging your equipment!

Sediment in waterlines can quickly reduce the performance and even completely clog car wash equipment that relies on a clean water supply for proper operation. DEMA Y-Type Line Strainers ensure proper operation of your car wash equipment and add significant operating life by catching particulates before they reach your equipment and affect performance, reduce operating life and cause potential downtime. It's imperative to have line strainers installed in waterlines, ahead of components such as solenoid valves, chemical injectors, spray nozzles and other car wash equipment where particles in the water supply might cause potential problems.

Car wash operators understand that equipment downtime means lower customer satisfaction and loss of revenue which are both completely unacceptable in today's competitive climate. DEMA Line Strainers are a low-cost investment that will pay for itself several times over. Protect your car wash equipment and ensure optimal performance and maximum lifespan with DEMA Y-Type Line Strainers.

DEMA line strainers are available in forged brass, cast bronze or Delrin construction. Contact your Autowash Online sales representative to learn more about DEMA Y-Type Line Strainers and the entire line of DEMA car wash equipment products.

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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
DEM S2B-40
DEMA S2B.40 Brass Strainer 1/4inDEMA S2B-40 1/4" Brass Strainer
DEM S2B-80
DEMA Y Strainer 1/4in FPT, 80 MeshDEMA S2B-80 1/4" Brass Strainer | Max Pressure 300 PSI @ 150 F or 150PSI @ 375 F | Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Screen | Quick Cleaning Screen Assembly Easily Removed
DEM S3-1
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DEMA Screen and Cap 40 MeshDEMA S3-1 Screen and Cap 40 Mesh
DEM S3-2
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DEM S3-2_t.* does not exist
DEMA Screen and Cap 80 MeshDEMA S3-2 Screen and Cap 80 Mesh
DEM S2-1
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DEMA Screen and Cap 40 MeshDEMA S2-1 Screen and Cap 40 Mesh
DEM S2-2
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DEMA Screen and Cap 80 MeshDEMA S2-2 Screen and Cap 80 Mesh
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DEM S2BN-40_t.* does not exist
DEMA Y Strainer 1/4in FPT NPDEMA S2BN.40 1/4"GPT | 40 Mesh | Nickel Plated
DEMA S2P 1/4in Plastic Strainer 100 Mesh
DEMA S3P Plastic Strainer 3/8in 100 Mesh
DEM S3B-40
DEMA S3B.40 Brass Strainer 3/8inDEMA S3B-40 3/8" Brass Strainer
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