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G&G Waterproof LED Tube Lights

Light up your self serve carwash tunnel with bright cost-effective G&G LED lights.

One of the joys to success is to reduce overhead cost, primarily those related to energy and maintenance. One of the areas operators tend to forget about is lighting. G&G LED tubes use a fraction of the energy consumption (60-70%) compared to traditional lighting.

Designed specifically for harsh car wash environments, not only are G&G LED tubes completely waterproof, but are resistant to chemicals, operate at low voltages, and are safe for your car wash.

No routine ballast replacements needed - LEDs bulbs burn out individually overtime and require no maintenance. They are designed to run 10 years at 12 hours a day.

You can also further reduce energy consumption by having fewer LEDs lit while no one is in the bay. When a car approaches the bay, the remainder of the lights will activate.

Now is the time to switch to G&G LED waterproof tube lighting. G&G LED lights help save money on energy costs, reduce maintenance overhead, and produce a much brighter bay for happier and safer customers.

Proudly be part of the first wave of business to go green with the G&G LED carwash lighting system.


Autowash Online GG LED


Made in the USA, the product uses quality LEDs to achieve an efficacy of over 115 lumens/watt. NSF Certified and UL Listed. Product has a unique plug-and-play design for easy installation in countless applications. Constructed using an innovative copolyester/aluminum co-extrusion which doubles as a waterproof housing and heat sink. The copolyester lens is designed to withstand harsh chemical environments.


Click Here for installation manual

Click Here for WPX8 Specification Sheet

Click Here for LED Light Rebate Program Instructions

Click Here for WPX Series Bifold

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G&G Wet Location LED Package 64'G&G LED 64' Bay Lighting Package (640W) - Bays from 45' - 52'. Includes (8) 8' UL Wet Listed LED Luminaries, 4ft Jumpers, and (2) 320W Drivers
G&G LED Light Package - 32' (4-8 Lights32' Bay Lighting Package (320W) - Bays from 22' - 28'. Includes (4) 8' UL Wet Listed LED Luminaires, 4ft Jumpers, and (1) 320W Driver
G&G Wet Location LED Package 48'G&G LED 48' Bay Lighting Package (480W) - Bays from 26' - 36'. Includes (6) 8' UL Wet Listed LED Luminaires, 1ft Jumpers, and (2) 240W Drivers
G&G LED Light Package with Dimmer 32'G&G LED Wet Location 32' Bay Lighting Package with Dimming Option (320W). Includes (4) 8' UL Wet Listed Dimmable LED Luminaries, 4ft Jumpers, (1) Dimming Sensors
G&G LED light Package with Dimmer 48'G&G LED Wet Location 48' Bay Lighting Package with Dimming (480W). Includes (6) 8' UL Wet Listed Dimmable LED Luminaries, 1ft Jumpers, (1) Dimming Sensor
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G&G 8FT Bendable Boom Light w/Cable
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/40012615_t.* does not exist
G&G 4FT Bendable Boom Light w/Cable
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/40012616_t.* does not exist
G&G 6FT Bendable Boom Light w/Cable
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/GPX-LDR-15_t.* does not exist
G&G LED Replacement Cord
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/GG GPX8-SO-50K-UVO-SE-120V_t.* does not exist
8' Bendable LED LightIncludes the 8' fixture and a 15' power cable.