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Menzerna Compounds, Polishes and Sealants

Menzerna Polishes and Compounds Set the Standard When it Comes to Automotive Finish Repair!

Menzerna has a rich history of producing high quality polishing materials and the automotive industry has relied on Menzerna to develop new products and processes that adapt to ever-changing paint surface technology. As paint formulations continue to evolve, the demands on the OEM, reconditioning and body shop polishing systems are greater still. Menzerna fulfills these requirements with innovative polishing products that increase productivity, improve efficiency and produce excellent results.

OEM - The Most Demanding Market
Menzerna polishes have been tested and proven in the demanding automotive manufacturing industry. Simply put, Menzerna is responsible for the showroom shine that you see from every new car manufacturer. Menzerna works closely with leading paint manufacturers to develop specific polish and compound formulas tailored to optimize the polishing process on new vehicle paint. This advanced paint polishing technology is implemented on the production lines of automotive manufacturers to ensure that new vehicles arrive to your local dealer with glossy, swirl-free paint.

Detailing & Reconditioning - Total Defect Elimination
Drawing from their experience in high-volume automotive production lines, Menzerna polishes are ideal for professional auto detailers and reconditioners. Instead of using consumer grade products, detailing professionals who choose Menzerna's OEM professional grade polishes and compounds are able to increase quality and production by using the same products used when the vehicle was manufactured. Menzerna polishes are different that other products on the market that produce an artificial shine by using oils and fillers. These products only fill in paint defects without actually removing them and the results are only temporary. Menzerna polishes are designed to remove scratches and swirl marks, without the use of temporary fillers. With professional-grade Menzerna polishes, professional detailers are able to focus on total paint defect elimination that leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Body Shop - Producing a Quality Finish
The same traits that make Menzerna polishes the best choice for new vehicle production and reconditioning also make Menzerna ideal for body shop paint defect repair. When paint is applied to vehicle finishes, the new coating is wet-sanded to level the surface using fine-grade sanding paper. This process is effective at leveling the paint surface but the paint is left dull and full of sanding scratches that require machine polishing to remove. The Menzerna system quickly removes sanding marks and restores surface gloss.

Menzerna polishes and compounds set the standard when it comes to automotive finish repair! Professionals who use Menzerna compounds and polishes are able to obtain the same flawless results that automotive manufacturers demand on the assembly line. Menzerna polishing products increase productivity, improve efficiency and produce excellent results. Autowash Online offers the complete line of Menzerna compounds and polishes along with all of machine polishers, buffing pads and paint polishing accessories that you need to get excellent results.

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Jescar Color Lock Carnauba Wax 16oz
Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 32oz.
Jescar Power Lock Polymer Sealant 16oz.
Jescar Power Lock Polymer Sealant 32oz.
MENZ M-3500Q
Menzerna Super Finish Polish 3500 32oz.
MENZ M-2500Q
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 32oz.
MENZ M-2400Q
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400 32oz.
MENZ M-3800Q
Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 32oz.
MENZ M-2000Q
Menzerna Intensive Polish PO91E 32oz.Special Order Item
Polishing Cream Tube 125 gramMenzerna PPC-T Polishing Cream Tube 125 gram
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