Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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S.M. Arnold

S.M Arnold is a producer and importer of professional-grade car wash supplies, cleaning tools and auto detailing accessories. Quality products from S.M. Arnold are designed for a high level performance, are competitively priced and suitable for both commercial and consumer use. S.M. Arnold features the world-famous Water Sprite, Superflex Water Blade, wash mitts, buffing pads, bonnets, applicator pads, steel wool, razor blade scrapers and literally hundreds of detailing brushes to choose from!

When it comes to quality and selection, you could stock an entire car wash or detail shop with S.M. Arnold detailing supplies and have all the tools that you need to get amazing results. In addition, S.M. Arnold products offer an excellent value and will not break the bank. Choose the extensive line of car wash and detailing products from S.M. Arnold to equip your car wash, detail shop or garage with quality cleaning and detailing tools that fit any budget. When it's time to stock up on products from S.M. Arnold, Autowash Online is your premium supplier for everything that you need. We have the experience to equip car washes and auto detailing shops with equipment and tools from the top brands, at the lowest prices and the very best in customer service.

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Water Sprite Plus 3 Sq/TubeThe S.M. Arnold WATER SPRITE® is an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and dries fine finished surfaces. WATER SPRITE actually lifts off residual dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving it clean and dry.
Steel Wool 00 5 Lb. Box
Whitewall/Sidewall Tire Utility BrushBrass Wire Filament | 7.25" Tan Foam | 0.75" Bristle
Bonnet Microfiber 11in TerryFor use on most surfaces where a deep high gloss shine is needed.
Pad 5in Velcro Backing PlateDesigned for Hook & Loop fast attachment. For use with 5.50" to 6.00" diameter pads that have loop material backing | Fits 5/16" DA .
Razor Blades Pack 100Notched, single edge replacement blades with sharp edges. Use for scraping, trimming and cutting. Made of high carbon steel.Fits all standard razor blade holders.
Dual Surface Truck Brush 10inDensely filled flagged-tip bristles staple-set in a bi-level foam block with one threaded fountain handle hole | Green Polystyrene. Acme Thread (Regular Broom Handle)
Truck Wash Brush 9in Block with Bumper
Sponge, Sure Grip (Bone Shape)S.M. ARNOLD SELECT™ Sure Grip Sponge | Extra large easy grip polyether sponge for auto, home and boat use. Washes large surfaces fast and easy | 8.50in x 4.50in x 2.70in
Sure Grip SpongeExtra large easy grip polyether sponge for auto, home and boat use | 7.75" x 3.75" x 2.50"
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