Distributor of car wash systems, parts and supplies.  Corporate office in Malden Massachusetts
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S.M. Arnold

S.M Arnold is a producer and importer of professional-grade car wash supplies, cleaning tools and auto detailing accessories. Quality products from S.M. Arnold are designed for a high level performance, are competitively priced and suitable for both commercial and consumer use. S.M. Arnold features the world-famous Water Sprite, Superflex Water Blade, wash mitts, buffing pads, bonnets, applicator pads, steel wool, razor blade scrapers and literally hundreds of detailing brushes to choose from!

When it comes to quality and selection, you could stock an entire car wash or detail shop with S.M. Arnold detailing supplies and have all the tools that you need to get amazing results. In addition, S.M. Arnold products offer an excellent value and will not break the bank. Choose the extensive line of car wash and detailing products from S.M. Arnold to equip your car wash, detail shop or garage with quality cleaning and detailing tools that fit any budget. When it's time to stock up on products from S.M. Arnold, Autowash Online is your premium supplier for everything that you need. We have the experience to equip car washes and auto detailing shops with equipment and tools from the top brands, at the lowest prices and the very best in customer service.

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Long Handle Wheel & Fender Brush20" Long Handle Wheel & Fender Brush is resistant to acids, heat, chemicals and solvents for gently cleaning wheels, tires, wheel wells, fenders and lower body panels, trim, carpet and floor mats.
Body Brush, 8.5in Body Green PolystyreneFlagged-top bristles are resistant to acids and detergents, and are staple-set into a sturdy foam block. Provides for gentle washing of any surface
Long Handle Flanged-Tip Body Brush20" Long Handle Flanged-Tip Body Brush is a virtually indestructible brush perfect for cleaning wheels, tires, wheel wells, fenders and lower body panels and trim.
Carpet, Upholstery & Vinyl Scrub BrushThe Carpet, Upholstery & Vinyl Brush has and comfortable handle and durable plastic bristles to provide extra scrubbing action. It's perfect for cleaning carpet, upholstery, floor mats and vinyl tops.
Small Wire Wheel BrushSmall Wire Wheel Brush with Natural Tampico bristles cleans wheels where other brushes can’t reach. Get between the spokes and even behind the spokes with ease
Toothbrush Style Nylon Detail BrushEasy 'finger-grip' plastic block filled with Nylon makes the Toothbrush Style Nylon Detail Brush ideal for getting into small, virtually inaccessible areas of carpet and upholstery.
Toothbrush Style Horse Hair Detail BrushEasy 'finger-grip' plastic block filled with Natural Horsehair makes the Toothbrush Style Horsehair Detail Brush ideal for getting into small, virtually inaccessible areas of carpet and upholstery.
Paint Brush Style Detailing BrushOur Paintbrush Style Detailing Brush, with soft, grey China bristles are ideal for cleaning around trim, moldings and seams. This brush is extremely effective for removing wax and polish residue around emblems.
Parts Cleaning BrushHard to reach areas are now easy to reach with the 11" long Professional Parts Cleaning Brush. The long, thin design is ideal for cleaning joints and fittings where other brushes will not fit.
10" Hand Held Whisk BroomWhisk dirt, dust and grime away by hand quickly with our popular hand held broom from S.M. Arnold. The 10" Whisk Broom is perfect for use around the shop, home and car
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