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LAM 131500
Vac Motor, Ametek Lamb 131500 120VCompare to the Lamb 9414 Vac Motor. This is Much Higher Quality.
- Two stage
- 120 volts
- 5.7in/145 mm diameter
- Ball/Ball bearings
- Single speed
- Peripheral bypass discharge
- Aluminum fan end bracket
- Thermoset commutator bracket
GS 1051160-A
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Vac Motor Tangential 115V KitGinSan 1051160-A Vac Motor Tangential 115V Kit AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
GS 1051140-B-KIT
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Vacuum Motor Kit, 7 AMP 1HP 120V GinsanIncludes extended life Electro motor, screen and the motor gasket. Used on GinSan/IVS Power Vacs and Combo Vacuums. AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Replacement Brush 9414 Lamb and VL AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
LAM 116336-01
Vacuum Motor, Lamb Ametek 116336-01AC/DC Vacuum Motor, Body Diameter 5.7 Inches, Blower Stages 2, Voltage @ 50/60 Hz 120 Volts, Maximum Current Rating 8.0 Amps, Maximum Air Power 274 Watts, Bearing Ball, Air Flow @ 2 Inches Orifice 94.0 CFM, Vacuum (H2O Sealed) 84.3 Inches AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
LAM 115330
Vacuum Motor, Lamb, 2 Stage 1 SpeedBypass Vacuum Motor/Blower, Body Diameter 7.2 Inches, Blower Stages 2, Voltage @ 50/60 Hz 120 Volts, Maximum Current Rating 13.0 Amps, Maximum Air Power 384 Watts, Air Flow @ 2 Inches Orifice 102.7 CFM, Vacuum (H2O Sealed) 110.0 Inches AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
JE 8055EM
Electro Motor for JE Adams VacuumsFigures based on a 2" orfice: Amp Draw = 7.6 | Hours = 800-1000 | Air Watts = 38.05 | Air Flow (CFM) = 96.1 | Suction (In H20) = 3.21 | Quick Connect Leads (Item # 8055LEAD-EM) AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
Lead for Electro Motor 2 Required AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
JE 8056EM
Electro Motor Quiet Motor for JE Adams AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
LAM 115334
Lamb 115334 Vacuum Motor, 2 StageAmetek Lamb 115334 Vacuum Motor, 2 Stage AUTOWASH MAINTENANCE CORP.
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